Glenna Body Art

‘Glenna’ – Glitter but just like henna!

Mehndi Seasons has innovated a great way to use glitter instead of henna ‘Glenna’ to create the same henna designs and is increasingly becoming popular.

The henna style designs are now more glittery, shimmery and can be multicoloured!┬áThis amazing concept allows you to have your glitter body art last up to 7 days and it’s waterproof so you may bath and swim*.

The glitter body art is great alternative to henna especially for those who work in professions where it may not be suitable to have henna on as the glitter can be easily removed by simply applying baby oil or any oil based solution.

All materials used are hypoallergenic to ensure that your skin is safe at all times.

Click here to see the Glitter gallery.


* Prolonged damp skin may decrease the life span of the glitter body art.