JOIN US at Mehndi Seasons HENNA FLOW workshops in Leeds!


What you need to ask yourself first:

Do you enjoy Henna?
Would you like to make more time for it?
Are you lacking motivation or confidence to take it further?
Do you simply want to have more fun with it?

It’s a shame when life sometime takes over and you don’t get enough time or motivation to enjoy doing what you love.
Many henna artists want to do more but sometimes don’t have the time, confidence or motivation to make it happen! The ‘Henna Flow’ workshops are designed to help you build your creative flow with henna so you can stay connected.

The aim of the workshops is to help, support & inspire one another and discover henna together. It’s great a place for meeting your fellow henna artists who will share the same enthusiasm for henna as you! Above all, it’s ‘your time’ that you can dedicate to yourself, so you can grow and let your creativity with the ‘Henna Flow’.

Dates & Workshop Themes for 2018:

The workshops will start from January 2018 in Leeds & run on one Saturday per month, from 10am-2:30pm.

13th January – Paisley’s & Peacock’s.

3rd February – Lotus & Peony Flowers.

3rd March – Reverse / Inverse henna designs.

14th April – Mandalas / Thick & thin lines.

5th May – Borders & Netting / Grids.

2nd June – Flower Variations / Shading & 3D effect.

7th July – Feet & sole designs.

4th August – Finger details.

1st September – Gulf style henna.

6th October – Building & creating ‘Flow’ in your design.

3rd November – Simple bridal hands.

1st December – Fabulous fun with Glenna! ‘Glitter like henna’


Price for full year membership: £480 (Price is adjusted accordingly if you can’t join from January 2018)


For more information or to book your place email:


To see what we get up to at the Henna Flow workshops click this link to Instagram ‘mehndiseasonshennaflow

For testimonials given by the 2017 Henna Flow students see link here.