‘The Henna Flow Workshop has been absolutely amazing this year, for me it has given me more confidence and inspiration. I have met a wonderful bunch of people on the course who are all there for there for their own reasons, sharing their experiences and ideas with henna.
We have worked on different themes every month and I can assure you no henna session is the same. The buzz from hyper fixing last minute, Pam hopping away with one foot covered in henna, covering our arms in henna and getting to learn the henna lingo; it really is a worthwhile course. A massive thank you to Sunita @mehndiseasons for hosting the classes and giving me the confidence to keep doing what I love best… henna!’

Preet Panesar – Leeds (December 2017)

‘It has been an incredible year attending the Henna Flow sessions they have really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Having a different theme set every month, I have been challenged to create a design, tried to incorporate my favourite elements, and then do it in henna on another attendee! This has helped to build a portfolio of work and at the same time build my confidence. The opportunity of meeting new people who are on their own henna journey, to appreciating each others work and sharing our henna stories has been awesome and invaluable.  Grateful that Sunita has set up Henna Flow and created a wonderful environment to learn, meet fellow henna artists, and most of all cheering us on to do what we love.’

Farzana Malik – Leeds (December 2017)

‘When I started the henna flow course I was a complete henna beginner. It’s been amazing to be part of a group who have helped me grow as a henna artist despite people being at different levels. I have looked forward to every single session and the structure of the course has been perfect. The monthly classes has meant that I have stayed motivated to continue on my henna journey in between sessions – it’s been just right.The tips and tricks I have learnt from Sunita and the others in the group has helped me in so many ways, from learning how to make a design look more effective to learning how to deal with difficult customers. I would recommend the course to everybody. It’s been fantastic and Sunita is such a great mentor, I’m glad I’ve had her support during the early days of my henna journey. I feel that henna flow has sped up my learning and pushed my creative limitations.’

Vanysha Sahota – Leeds (December 2017)

‘I came to Henna Flow as an enthusiastic, completely self-taught amateur and I felt as though I had reached the limit of where I could go without some guidance… That’s exactly what I found from Sunita. My journey and end goal was radically different from some of the other student’s, but every week still challenged me in exactly the way I wanted to be challenged, and helped me grow in ways I would never have been able to grow alone. The classes have equipped me to continue in growing into my skill… I travelled (exactly) 83.4 miles every month to attend, which should go some way to telling you how incredible the classes were!! The monthly meetings were self care for me – they helped me to recharge and rebalance and reminded me to do nice things for myself too. The girls I’ve met along the way are friends for life and they’ve each taught me so much too. In short, if you think you might want to attend next year’s henna flow, YOU DO AND YOU SHOULD ♥️’

Megann McKay – Liverpool (December 2017)

‘Signing up to Henna Flow sessions this year was a great decision. Alongside learning the tips, tricks and new techniques I expected to, I’ve gained the confidence to push myself outside of my usual comfort zone. We’ve tackled new themes every month and I was a bit nervous expecting to be sat in a classroom environment rote learning same-y designs but I think it’s safe to say that’s was definitely not the case and everyone’s style is still unique and distinctive, which is great! No matter what theme we were looking at, I learnt how to break down complex designs, how best to place certain elements together and I think most importantly how to guide the flow of a hundred different thoughts to create an effective and eye-catching design.
With an experienced and easily approachable educator leading the sessions and all attendees able to contribute freely, Henna Flow has felt less like attending a class and more like meeting up with a super supportive group of friends over brews and biscuits to share and practise our new-found knowledge. I’d fully recommend it to all mehndi artists at any stage in their career – you won’t regret it!’

Aalia Rangrez – Manchester (December 2017)

Hiya Sunita, i had my booking today and just to let you know me and mum both loved ur cones. They are soon smooth and absolutely perfect size!! We also realised that the mehndi per cone can do a lot of mehndi! Hiya Sunita, i had my booking today and just to let you know me and mum both loved ur cones. They are soon smooth and absolutely perfect size!! We also realised that the mehndi per cone can do a lot of mehndi! both of us did around 40 hands (fairly simple design/strip) and only used 5 cones!! The stain was already coming through on some of the ladies who had it done and it looks 

Harpreet Kaur Sambhi – Leeds (August 2016)

Dear Sunita,

Thank you for the terrific job you have been doing to get the ready made henna cones out on time. Your henna cones are beautiful, very silky and flow with so much ease.  Thank you also for the safe and secure packaging – I have never received any defective cones and never had any problems with any of the products that you have delivered to me over the past few months.

I would also like to express to you my warmest admiration for creating some of the most  breathtaking henna designs which you have worked incredibly hard for with devotion.

You have also gone to great lengths to help me by supplying a quality service the security of knowing that I can rely on you has given me a sense of security in today’s world.

Next order on its way!

Shamira Karsan, London – Mehndi Seasons Products (August 2016)

Hiya Sunita,

I just wanted to say that I thought your one day workshop was great. You really catered to my needs as a beginner and helped me gain a lot more confidence in using the skills you taught me on the day. I’m really looking forward taking your full henna course and can’t wait to learn more from you! 🙂 x

Bally Kaur, Leeds – Workshop  (April 2014)

Hi Sunita, I just wanted to take the time out and tell you how much I enjoyed the one day mehndi course. Despite it being such a short amount of time, I feel I took home a great deal of knowledge and cool tipsand tricks in applying mendhi. This one day course had got me majorly pumped to take your four day bridal course. Thank you so much, and I look forward to maybe an opportunity working along side such a talented lady in the near future x…

Seetal Kaur, Manchester – Workshop  (April 2014)

“Many thanks Sunita. Everyone loved my mehndi. The colour came out so much dark almost black :). All credit goes to you…”

Christina Daniel, Leeds – Bridal Henna (Aug 2013)

“Sunita, Thank-you for creating the masterpieces of candles. Couldn’t have asked for better or asked anyone else to do them. Keep in touch! Lots of love.”

Nisha  & Kal  Makwana, Wimbledon – Wedding Favour Henna Candles (Apr 2013)

“I chose to have henna for my hen party as a bit of a pamper and something a bit different. My friends loved the idea and couldn’t wait to try it out (none of them had it before, I had only had it done once before). It was great having someone to come into my home to do my henna. I found it difficult to find someone professional to do this. Sunita was very friendly and chatted easily with me and my friends. The designs were freehand (I have had lots of people ask if it was a stencil because it is so neat!). Sunita was very flexible with the designs too. The henna designs all looked beautiful, everyone was really pleased with the individual designs and we have enjoyed showing them off! The prices are very reasonable considering the artistry that goes into them. Thank you again Sunita for making my hen party special.”

Lisa Baxter, Leeds –  Hen Party (Mar 2013)

 “You are a fantastic mehndi artist. The mendhi colour is the darkest I’ve ever seen it and has been long lasting so looked amazing on the actual wedding day. You were very accommodating on location, date, time, and number of people changes! Thank you very much. Would definitely recommend and will certainly re-book for the next family function xx”

Roop Kaur, York – Wedding Guest Henna (Mar 2013)

“Thank-you again for the lovely design on the bump!! You’re very talented and it looks fab!!”

Liz Merriman, Leeds – Preggy Belly Henna (Dec 2012)

“I got the candle…it’s amazing, you are so talented”

Amerjit Soor, Leeds – Gift Candles (Oct 2012)